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Zebrista vs Waalaxy

Free TrialOne MonthOnly 7 days
On boardingFully assisted on-boarding on zoom call.No on-boarding at all
Dedicated SupportAvailable as and when needed at click of a button on Zoom callNot Available
User ExperienceVery easy to useComplicated
NomenclatureSimple and Easy to understandGalaxy related names that are difficult to understand and relate.
Editable TemplatesAvailableEditing templates is not possible
Freedom to create your own sales process1You cannot create your own sales flow, need to just use their templates
Real time prospectingPossibleNot Possible
Teams FeatureAutomated & Simple, with no manual interventionsComplex and difficult, a lot of manual work is needed to split the list and copy the same flow for multiple users
UtilitiesLots of utilities availableMissing
Sync NotficationsAvailable on Dashboard and emailMissing on emails
Prospect Status & ProgressAvailable for each stageNot available
False Positive ResponsesQuick action button available to re-introduce the prospect in the workflow at exit nodeNot available
Contact Finder IntegrationsIntegrated with various contact finders such as Apollo, Snov.io, RocketReach, DropContact, Hunter and many more.Not Integrated
Integration with Zero BounceAvailableNot available