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Unique Features (Magic of Zebrista)

End-to-End Sales Automation Platform!

Automate all pre-sales tasks using Zebrista:

  • Prospecting
  • Enrichment
  • Filtering based on your ICP
  • Finding decision makers
  • Finding their contact information
  • LinkedIn & Email campaigns
  • Engagement & Follow-ups
auto prospecting

Auto Prospecting

Carry on your prospecting in AUTO mode from various sources like LinkedIn, CrunchBase, or any other to create database of:

  • Companies
  • Persons
  • Jobs

Auto Segmentation

A novel feature that enables you to:

  • Have maximum possible combination of searches using your filters
  • Bypass the limit of 1000 results and open up the unchartered pool of prospects
auto segmentation
trackable url and attachments

Trackable URL & Attachments

Another novel feature that:

  • Automatically makes your URL,attachments trackable (in emails/ linkedin messages)
  • Notifies you as & when prospect opens the URL,attachment in real time

Company Details Enrichment

Automatically enriches details of the companies in database with information like:

  • HQ
  • Company Size
  • Specialities
  • Founding, Funding details, etc
company details data enrichment
person details data enrichment

Persons Details Enrichment

Automatically enriches details of the Persons in database with information like:

  • Location
  • Designation
  • Experience, Summary, etc

Person Extraction

Novel feature that extracts specific persons from list of companies automatically

  • Ex. Founder's OR CEOs OR CTOs, any other etc.
person data extraction
email and contact data enrichment

Email and Contact Enrichment

Enriches persons and companies in database with:

  • Email Ids
  • Contact Information

Email Validation

Validates enriched emails to ensure:

  • Better domain reputation
  • Low spam rate
  • Low bounce rate
email validation and verification
email and linkedin campaigns

LinkedIn & Email Campaign

Hyper personalise your LinkedIn Campaigns in AUTO mode to send:

  • Invitations
  • Messages
  • Endorsements

Ready to use Templates

Get to use ready templates curated by seasoned professionals to jump start your sales cycle

ready to use templates/workflows