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How does Zebrista automate Dropcontact's Contact Finder Tool to generate enriched contacts in B2B Sales?

How does Zebrista automate Dropcontact's Contact Finder Tool to generate enriched contacts in B2B Sales?

The importance of finding and managing enriched prospect data cannot be emphasised upon enough. In B2B Sales, working with invalid and un-enriched prospect data can only bring irrelevant and unqualified leads, missing on some very relevant and important leads, consequently leading to unsuccessful sales cycles for any business.

Enriching prospects’ email and contact number data is one of the most crucial parts of b2b sales prospecting and data enrichment processes. Our previous blog on automating Snovio’s email finder tool explained how Zebrista does the email finding process automation and provides a list of enriched email addresses within minutes. B2B sales email finder tools are databases that are available online which browse through multiple data sources like websites, social media pages etc to collect valuable information about prospects to enhance and enrich their data, which can further be used for email marketing campaigns

On similar lines, finding phone number contacts of prospective customers and enriching their information is also an essential part of data enrichment in B2B Sales. Having a database of correct and active phone numbers is a must for executing traditional, cold-calling campaigns in B2B Sales. Would it surprise you to know that a whopping 82% buyers accept meetings with sellers who cold call? Though conventional in its approach, cold calling is still one of the most efficient methods of marketing.

However, people don’t give out contact information like phone numbers publicly. Such data is made available for companies by contact finder tools. Sales Contact Finder tools are online directories that access various sources like websites, LinkedIn pages, third party sources etc to fetch phone numbers and contact details of companies or individuals (prospects). These contact finder tools accelerate b2b sales prospecting and contact discovery by providing verified and updated phone numbers and direct dials of prospects. Dropcontact is a b2b sales contact finder tool that delivers enriched prospect contact information like phone numbers and email addresses.

Dropcontact - a top Contact Finder tool for B2B sales
Dropcontact is a B2B contact finder tool that finds contact information of prospects like phone numbers, direct dials and email addresses and enriches this data by collecting additional information from multiple data sources.
Dropcontact’s contact finder tool, on providing prospect name, gives back verified, updated and active contact data details.
Not only does this contact finder tool search and update latest contact information, but also cleans up the entire list by eliminating inactive phone numbers, merging duplicates etc
Alongwith enriched phone number data, it also gives access to other contact information like email addresses, job title, position etc
Dropcontact contact finder tool is the best when it comes to enriching data. It helps avoid bad data, append missing contact data, and keep contact records always updated.
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Automating Dropcontact’s Contact Finder tool using Zebrista
Along with being a data enrichment tool, Zebrista is also an end-to-end sales automation tool that automates your entire sales cycle by implementing prospecting, contact discovery, lead generation, email marketing, appointment generation and much more.
Zebrista leverages Dropcontact’s contact finder tool to enrich prospect’s contact data like phone numbers and email addresses
Zebrista automates Dropcontact’s contact finding activity i.e. the process - of feeding a prospect list to Zebrista’ contact finder and enricher module that uses Dropcontact’s contact finder tool to enrich data - is completely automated and requires zero manual intervention.
Zebrista’ automated contact finder process provides enriched contact details within minutes of entering prospect details, thus saving ample time, effort and resources.
Zebrista integrates with Dropcontact’s contact finder tool to facilitate B2B businesses in accessing an enriched contact details and phone numbers database, which they further can use for executing marketing campaigns by automating the entire process of Dropcontact’s contact finding process.
features of zebrista automated dropcontact contact finder tool
Zebrista & Dropcontact’s Contact Finder Tool for generating automatic, enriched B2B contacts
If you wish to have an enriched, relevant and updated B2B prospect database for your B2B business, then Zebrista’ Contact Finder tool is the one. Zebrista’ contact finder tool provides accurate data, in-depth details of contact numbers and email addresses which will help you connect to your prospects faster.

From mobile numbers to phone numbers to direct dials, Zebrista is the best contact finder tool that, in tandem with Dropcontact, generates enriched and qualified prospects.Finding contacts has never been easier with Zebrista being your reliable, contact finder platform.