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How to safely automate LinkedIn campaigns using Zebrista - the best Sales Automation tool for B2B lead generation

How to safely automate LinkedIn campaigns using Zebrista - the best Sales Automation tool for B2B lead generation

There are no two ways about it when we say that LinkedIn is the best platform for lead generation, especially for B2B companies. A reservoir of business professionals and companies as diverse as pieces of mosaic, LinkedIn is the first and preferred choice of data source for companies which actively run lead generation campaigns, due to its extensive networking capabilities.

LinkedIn Campaigns or LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns for lead generation involves active prospecting based on a company’s ideal customer profile, initiating communication with stakeholders and decision makers of the prospect company via connection requests, messages and InMail, engaging and holding conversations to nurture the relationship with the prospect company to convert them into leads, eventually resulting in customer acquisition.

Although spending hours every day on LinkedIn to send manual messages or InMail messages is doable, it is not worth the time and effort. Imagine the number of resources, man hours and money that needs to be spent on such human-intensive tasks! Not only is it better to, but it also is the need of the hour to automate LinkedIn campaigns to save precious time and labor.

In this post, we’ll see how Zebrista, an end-to-end sales automation platform, automates LinkedIn campaigns in the most effective manner. Not only does Zebrista automate LinkedIn campaigns effectively, but also dons the responsibility of generating qualified leads via the process of LinkedIn automation.

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Why should you use Zebrista to automate LinkedIn Campaigns?

  • Zebrista’ LinkedIn automation process facilitates organizations to automate their entire prospecting process and filter potential leads based on various parameters like location, industry, company size, technology, total revenue etc for company search and title, job position, seniority level etc for person search. ( Read more about LinkedIn search filters and LinkedIn advanced filters in these blogs.)
  • Zebrista automates LinkedIn campaigns by sending messages and communicating with prospects automatically. Scheduling LinkedIn campaigns at stipulated time and date to dispatch messages is possible via Zebrista’ automated LinkedIn campaign process.
  • By implementing LinkedIn automation with Zebrista, sales and marketing teams of B2B organizations can make the most value as redundant and laborious tasks, such as browsing through innumerable profiles and deciding who to message or target, are taken care of by the software.
  • Automating LinkedIn campaigns means marketers and sales professionals can spend this valuable time concentrating on more customer-centric tasks such as customizing marketing strategies, nurturing customer relationships and converting a prospect to client for lifetime.

With a plethora of sales automation tools and LinkedIn automation tools available in the market, one has to be strategic with which automation tools to use. There are high chances for accounts to get flagged and banned by LinkedIn as LinkedIn has strict rules and regulations for restricting automation. This is because LinkedIn wants the platform to be safe and secure and devoid of spammers which can cause harm to their reputation. Read more about the LinkedIn automation policies.

Which is why it is the best to choose Zebrista as the LinkedIn automation tool. Zebrista adheres to all principles and practices of LinkedIn as it works within the set parameters. Its LinkedIn automation software ensures not sending bulk and spam messages and also limits the connection requests and messages sent out each day.

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Benefits of using Zebrista to automate LinkedIn Campaigns

advantages of zebrista automated linkedin campaigns tool

  • Zebrista automates LinkedIn campaigns to save valuable time & efforts

    Zebrista executes lead generation by automating LinkedIn campaigns. From fetching prospects to building lists, sending connection requests to messaging, Zebrista does it all on autopilot mode. Not only does it help in automating LinkedIn messages, this platform enables the automation of sending personalized messages to targeted prospects. By automating these tasks, Zebrista saves valuable time and efforts of sales teams which can be utilized for other high priority tasks.

  • Zebrista helps create brand awareness by automating LinkedIn campaigns

    Before even initiating the process of lead generation, it is important to make people aware of the brand, the product or service. Zebrista’ LinkedIn automation process helps B2B businesses to automatically connect with prospects that could turn out to be potential customers in the future. Reaching out to ideal prospects and creating awareness about the brand and its features and benefits definitely boosts lead generation and eventually increases the probability of customer conversions.

  • Zebrista automates LinkedIn campaigns to build a diverse network

    Using Zebrista’ automated LinkedIn data extraction process, businesses can collect their competitor customer data, understand their marketing strategies etc to study and analyze about what is making their competitors stand out in the market and how are they achieving growth and success. Therefore, taking informed decisions post this analysis, creating successful strategies based on the research etc becomes a lot more easier for B2B businesses.

  • Automate LinkedIn data extraction using Zebrista to create targeted marketing campaigns

    LinkedIn automation by Zebrista helps companies approach prospects who were once out of scope and reach; as manually scraping prospects is an impossible and mammoth task. Zebrista makes it easily possible to reach a wider audience and interact with a significantly larger number of prospects. Greater the number of potential prospects, greater is the number of qualified leads. Greater the number of qualified leads, greater is the possibility of converting to loyal customers.

Why is Zebrista the best sales automation tool to automate LinkedIn Campaigns?

Automating LinkedIn campaigns helps businesses connect with a wider and targeted audience easily without putting in too much time and effort. If used strategically, LinkedIn automation tools can bring in more potential leads and business for any B2B company.

With Zebrista as their LinkedIn automation tool, B2B organizations can expect in depth prospecting and targeted lead generation. The ‘hyper-personalization of messages’ feature of Zebrista makes it stand out from the rest of the automation tools around. Therefore, it is only correct and befitting to use Zebrista to automate LinkedIn campaigns for any business.