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Automate Snov.io Email Finder tool using Zebrista to find the right contacts

Automate Snov.io Email Finder tool using Zebrista to find the right contacts

In one of our previous blogs, we saw how Zebrista is the best sales prospecting tool for doing prospecting automation. This sales automation tool extracts prospects filtered & based on your businesses’ Ideal Customer profile (ICP). Be it a company search that you are doing as part of your B2B sales campaign or if you are required to do a person search as your target audience, Zebrista extracts prospects from over 25 data sources and an automated prospect list is ready at your disposal.

Once prospecting automation is done, it is time to connect to the prospects via any medium like emails or phone calls. It is essential to have accurate contact information of these prospects if you want to reach them quickly. Lack of valid and relevant data can prove to be detrimental to a successful sales cycle. Inadequate data causes sales campaigns to fail, resulting in lesser customer conversions. Read how data quality makes or breaks your email marketing strategy. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to enrich data and enhance the information by adding relevant details to it.

Here is where email finder tools come in handy. Sales email finder tools are online databases that help companies find and collect detailed email information from multiple web pages. These tools scan the web through prospects’ websites, social media profiles, LinkedIn profiles and URLs etc to extract additional information that can be used to enrich prospect email data, that can further be used for email campaigns. There are plenty of email finder tools available that claim to be the best, but there are only a few which are actually efficient and have the potential to help you find the right information, Snov.io being one of them.

Snov.io - the best Email Finder tool for B2B sales

  • Snov.io is one of the best email finder tools that helps companies reach their ideal prospects at the correct time and convert them into qualified leads.
  • With the Snov.io email finder tool, it is possible to perform single and bulk email search for person, social media page search, location, job information of the person etc can be extracted.
  • Snov.io email finder tool also provides the facility to do single and bulk email search for company, company website search, location etc.
  • Using this tool, sales teams can not only gather relevant email addresses and other additional information of prospects but can also verify and validate the email addresses.
  • Snov.io’s easy integration with other applications and CRMs makes it easy to export enriched email information into your platform.

Zebrista’ seamless integration with Snov.io email finder tool helps businesses access an enriched email addresses database that can be utilized for successfully executing email marketing campaigns. Zebrista automates the entire process of Snov.io’s email finding process and provides enriched data within minutes.

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Automating Snov.io Email Finder tool using Zebrista

  • Along with being a data enrichment tool, Zebrista is also an end-to-end sales automation tool that automates your entire sales cycle by implementing prospecting, contact discovery, lead generation, email marketing, appointment generation and much more.
  • After Zebrista creates an ideal prospect list extracted from various data sources like LinkedIn, Crunchbase etc, it enriches this list by using Snov.io’s email finder tool.
  • Zebrista automates Snov.io’s email finding activity i.e. The process - of feeding a prospect list to Zebrista’ email finder and validation module that uses Snov.io’s email finder tool to enrich data - is completely automated and requires no manual effort.
  • Within minutes, Zebrista provides the enriched email data with detailed information of email addresses of the prospects.
  • Zebrista’ automated email finder tool, integrated with Snov.io, helps you save ample time, effort and resources that would otherwise be required if email finding would have been a manual activity.

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Automate Snov.io Email Finder tool using Zebrista - Conclusion

Searching email addresses by domain, company URL, person profile, social media URL etc - you name it and Zebrista’ automated email finder tool does it for you within minutes. Not only that, Zebrista’ email finder tool also verifies and validates the email addresses so as to eliminate irrelevant, outdated email addresses that are not in use.

If you’re looking for a sales email finding tool to help you find and connect with your ideal customers, then Zebrista is the right sales automation tool for you. Zebrista is affordable, provides unique features, reduces manual efforts and is extremely easy to implement and use.