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How to use a Data Enrichment tool like Zebrista for converting more leads in B2B sales?

How to use a Data Enrichment tool like Zebrista for converting more leads in B2B sales?

While Contact Discovery helps businesses and their sales teams know about customer details like names, emails and the likes, it still doesn’t provide enough information to perform a targeted marketing campaign. The reason being, low quality and un-enriched data. The lack of enriched data is perhaps one of the reasons for B2B sales teams to have longer than usual sales cycles, failed marketing campaigns that eventually result in fewer conversions.

It is therefore extremely necessary to convert raw data to a more meaningful and valuable form; which is done using the data enrichment process. Enriched data allows sales professionals to understand their customer demands better by performing audience segmentation, strengthens customer relationships by customizing & personalizing marketing strategies specific to the audience thereby achieving targeted marketing, reduces significant cost overheads, and thereby boosts sales efficiency and enhances the B2B sales process.

But how to enrich customer data? Well, there are several data enrichment tools available, but Zebrista definitely tops the list. Read on to know more about how Zebrista, the best data enrichment tool, enriches customer data to provide a whole new experience for B2B businesses to convert more leads into customers.

Zebrista - a top data enrichment tool for B2B sales

  • A data enrichment tool is a software that combines first hand internal data, say data extracted from LinkedIn, and third party data from external sources like social media, websites, public record books and multiple other online sources.

  • A data enrichment softwares appends additional information and adds value to the existing raw data; to make it more useful and beneficial in the B2B sales process.

  • Zebrista, a top data enrichment tool provides auto enriched details of,

    • Companies with information like HQ, Company Size, Specialities, Founding, Funding details, etc
    • Person with information like Location, Designation, Experience, Summary, etc
    • Email addresses and Contact information
  • Zebrista also carries out email verification and validation of enriched email addresses to ensure better domain reputation, low spam rate and low bounce rate.

  • Zebrista’ simple, user-friendly yet robust software enables users to execute and manage data enrichment tasks like discarding incorrect and out-of-date data, updating relevant and latest data in real time etc in a seamless manner. Alongwith LinkedIn and Crunchbase, Zebrista has integrated with email data enrichment and email finder tools like Snov.io, Apollo, Rocket Reach, Drop Contact for verifying and validating prospect email addresses. Zebrista also uses these contact finder tools for enriching contact information of prospects.

  • Along with being a data enrichment tool, Zebrista is an end-to-end sales automation tool that automates your entire sales cycle by implementing prospecting automation, contact discovery, lead generation, email marketing campaigns, LinkedIn campaigns, appointment generation, outbound marketing and much more.

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Why should you use a Data Enrichment tool like Zebrista?

Zebrista transforms raw and simple data into a full-fledged profile to give sales teams a complete picture of their leads; that they can put to use to convert them into customers. Let’s see how!

  • Zebrista automates Data Enrichment processes

    Using Zebrista as a data enrichment tool is quite simple as it automatically generates an enriched list of data; be it Company details, Person details or Email/Contact details. The process is straight-forward; upload a list of raw and unfiltered data, run the data enrichment process and retrieve filtered, enriched data. There is absolutely no manual effort involved and information is processed within minutes.

  • Zebrista provides advanced data enrichment solutions

    With its advanced data enrichment capabilities, Zebrista provides authentic, relevant and updated data that helps in building a list of enriched, qualified leads which have the highest potential and probability of converting into customers. Zebrista elevates data to the next level by optimizing and magnifying its value, thus making it the best enrichment tool for enriching data.

  • Zebrista helps B2B businesses drive growth

    Zebrista’ accurate, comprehensive and enriched dataset enables businesses to take informed data-dependent decisions with minimum risk. Its valuable and pertinent information helps sales teams gain important insights and observations that aid in creation or modification of marketing strategies to drive better results and growth.

  • Zebrista ensures increased revenue and boosted RoI

    Zebrista’ data enrichment tool provides the exact information which sales teams require; that helps them in creating personalized marketing strategies. Targeted marketing attracts customer interest, increases customer engagement and finally results in customer conversion. Continual targeted marketing increases the chances of lead conversion by a multifold, thus generating more revenue and boosting RoI.

why should you use a data enrichment tool like zebrista for converting more leads in b2b sales