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A Beginner's guide to LinkedIn Outreach Automation

A Beginner's guide to LinkedIn Outreach Automation

Did you know?

  • A whopping 93% B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective Lead Generation source
  • LinkedIn generates more leads than any other social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc
  • LinkedIn is responsible for 64% of total website traffic from social media channels
  • 50% audience agree that they are most likely to buy from a company they engage and interact with on LinkedIn

Credits : LinkedIn, Inside View, EConsultancy

With LinkedIn, you can fetch suitable prospects, discover ideal contacts and candidates, establish a connection with the decision makers and much more - which are the key prerequisites for getting close to gaining a customer. And the strategy that helps your business achieve the above is LinkedIn Outreach.

In this blog, let us delve into the nitty-gritties of LinkedIn Outreach by learning how it works, why using it is beneficial and why every B2B marketer is vouching for it. Let’s start with the basics and understand what is LinkedIn Outreach?

What is LinkedIn Outreach?

In simple words, LinkedIn Outreach, as the name suggests, is reaching out to prospects and potential leads on LinkedIn. As LinkedIn is an extensive networking platform, connecting with prospects on the platform boosts high quality lead generation. While reaching out to prospects can be done via Email Marketing as well, there are minute differences between Email Marketing and LinkedIn Outreach.

LinkedIn Outreach not only helps you reach your prospects and leads but also simulates customer behavior and interactions, manages constant engagement with prospects etc. while also performing mundane tasks of sending emails to prospects, connection requests and messages to your clients.

It is also possible to automate the LinkedIn Outreach process as well to save precious time, efforts and cost. By automating the process, businesses can reach out to suitable prospects, send out personalized emails to prospects, understand behavior of potential leads for marketing, consider existing leads for remarketing and much more.

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Tips for automating LinkedIn Outreach Marketing

Once you have a list of prospects and high quality leads that you have fetched from LinkedIn and other relevant sources, it is time to connect with this audience individually.

You can either opt for the age-old, tried, tested and trusted technique of Email Marketing which is one of the best ways to connect to a potential customer or try newer but highly effective and super efficient methods like the LinkedIn Outreach Marketing which is the current go-to strategy of business marketers.

A perfect concoction of LinkedIn Outreach, a reliable sales automation tool (like Zebrista), customized relevant messages that attracts the customer is the perfect strategy to convert your potential leads into loyal customers. Below are a few tips to bear in mind while automating your LinkedIn Outreach Marketing.

zebrista linkedin outreach automation tips

  • Personalized and Relevant Content

Customized and personalized messages make the recipient feel included and interested. A customer will respond only if he/she finds it appealing and suitable for his/her requirements. As LinkedIn Outreach simulates customer behavior based on their sales activities, ensure that your message resonates with their interests and requirements.

  • Consistent audience engagement through communication

Don’t be just another company for your audience who go overboard with their cheap marketing gimmicks. Being over-promotional, bombarding their message box with discounts and offers, generic pitching scripts are a big no-no. Customers are wary of spam emails and cold calling, therefore it is important to engage them with content that they are looking for.

  • Create your own value proposition

Customers are more interested in what value addition your product brings to their business and less in the price of your product. If your product manages to pique their interest, customers will not hesitate to shell more money for your product. Create a genuine value proposition for your product and explain what they will gain by using your product.

  • “Out-of-the-box” Inbox Messaging

Sometimes, textual content tends to become mundane and boring. Include specially designed videos about your product with relevant features and advantages it can bring to the customer’s business. It is a known fact that videos gain more traction than textual advertising.