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Your Sales Acceleration Platform

Your Sales Acceleration Platform

Are you a founder looking to scale your business? or perhaps a sales professional striving to generate leads? Do you find it difficult to go through the laborious manual process of mining target customers data, generating leads, generating appointments, and so forth?

It is high time that companies start automating their sales processes and streamline activities. There are plenty of automated lead generation tools available in the market today, but Zebrista stands apart from the rest due to its no-code workflows, industry-specific use cases (Staffing, SaaS, IT services) and flexible pricing. Let us, in this blog, understand the advantages of using Zebrista - Your Sales acceleration platform.

How is Zebrista a Sales acceleration software?

  • Zebrista is just not any other lead generation tool or scraper; it is an automation platform that automates your entire sales cycle - speeds up data mining, lead generation & appointment generation.
  • Zebrista eliminates manual & laborious tasks from the sales cycle which are time-consuming and error prone.
  • As a sales automation tool should be, Zebrista is more focussed towards the sales process and implements features that make the process more efficient by automating most of the manual tasks; thereby also reducing costs.
  • Zebrista provides a ready to use picture of prospects by doing prospecting automation which includes validated contact information allowing the sales team to focus on strategizing & closing leads.

How does Zebrista work to accelerate the Sales process?

Automating your sales process on Zebrista is as easy as drawing a flowchart of your process. Once you do that - all you have to do is sit back and relax while Zebrista does the magic. These steps explain the same in detail.

  • Step 1 : Based on the criteria and filters specified by you, Zebrista identifies your target audience from the source of your choice (LinkedIn/angel/crunchbase, etc).
  • Step 2 : After identifying the correct audience, data for prospective clients is mined and the contact information of these clients is extracted from the system.
  • **Step 3 :**Scheduled and targeted campaigns are executed to approach these clients and appointments are generated.
  • **Step 4 :**Once appointments are generated, the Sales team can concentrate on strategizing and closing the client.

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Features of Zebrista

  • With Zebrista, it is possible to extract data from 25+ sources like LinkedIn,Crunchbase and any website of your choice.
  • Zebrista finds contact information and validates the email addresses of the prospects.
  • Not only does Zebrista help companies build their own workflows depending on their criteria while searching the target audience but also provides a library of already existing workflows which companies can use, some examples of which are targeting recently funded companies, targeting actively hiring companies, etc.
  • Zebrista does not charge monthly or annually or have any hidden charges levied. Companies only pay for what they use - it is that transparent.
  • Zebrista can be used alongside any industry in the market like Staffing, IT, SaaS etc.

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