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Automate Data Extraction for B2B using the Zebrista data extraction tool

Automate Data Extraction for B2B using the Zebrista data extraction tool

Every business across the globe uses B2B data to find new prospects and accelerate growth. Prospecting and lead generation play a key role in the success of any business. Data Extraction or Web Scraping is done for prospect list building that is later used for generating leads.

However, B2B data extraction is far from being a quick, simple and straight-forward process. On the contrary, it is a laborious and time-consuming process to find potential prospects and gather their contact information. And time being a crucial element in the process of a B2B sales cycle, where reaching the prospects at the correct time is extremely essential, B2B businesses cannot afford to spend their precious time in the data extraction process. They would rather utilize this time to enhance and nurture their customer relationships instead of investing their whole time into extracting data.

Fortunately, there are data extraction tools available that help in simplifying the data extraction process and make the task much easier and more efficient. These data extraction tools not only collect prospect data and contact information but also automate this entire data extraction activity along with a myriad number of other sales related tasks like,

  • Automating prospect data extraction from a variety of sources
  • Automating collection of prospect contact details like email addresses and phone numbers from websites and social media pages etc
  • Automating creation of a filtered and targeted list of prospects and leads
  • Automating maintenance and organization of reliable and useful prospect databases

The automation of data extraction with the help of these data extraction tools helps in streamlining the sales funnel of any B2B business that eventually leads to improved customer conversions and substantial revenue growth for the business. One such data extraction tool is Zebrista, a top end-to-end sales automation and acceleration tool, that is a one-stop solution for automating B2B sales processes and tasks. Zebrista automates the complete outbound marketing process from prospecting, contact discovery, lead generation, email marketing, linkedin outreach, appointment generation etc.

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Advantages of automating Data Extraction process for B2B using Zebrista

benefits of zebrista automated data extraction tool

  • Helps automate data extraction process from 25+ data sources

    Zebrista automates the data extraction process from a whopping 25+ data sources like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Angel and several other websites. It has been designed to execute automatic data extraction and update at a regular interval of every 24 hours which ensures that the extracted data is the most current, up-to-date and accurate information accessible without any manual effort required.

  • Saves time by automating data extraction

    Zebrista is an automatic data extraction tool that automates the process of extracting data from websites and other sources within minutes, without having to spend excessive time, unlike when done manually. This saves time, which can be utilized for other important activities like strategizing, maintaining client relations and closing a deal. Zebrista enables businesses to reach out to potential leads quickly and promptly, increasing the chances of success.

  • Aids targeted prospecting by automating data extraction

    By automating data extraction, it is possible to execute targeted prospecting and targeted lead generation by taking a filtered approach towards the target audience that aligns with the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Data extracted from specific sources that are relevant to the buyer persona the business is looking for, it becomes easier to identify and reach out to the potential prospects who have the highest probability of converting into future customers.

  • Automated data extraction helps maintain an active prospect database

    Zebrista’ automated data extraction process runs regularly every 24 hours which means the extracted data is the latest, active version of the data, is currently relevant and is totally valid. Zebrista generates real-time prospect data that helps businesses reach relevant prospects with genuine credibility. This gives businesses an upper hand over their competitors, thus amplifying their odds of success.

    Zebrista not only extracts data that is up-to-date but also enhances and enriches data using numerous ways like verification and validation of email addresses, checking the credibility and authenticity of the data etc by using data enrichment tools and techniques like the email finder tool by Snov.io, contact finder tool by Dropcontact, contact finder tool by RocketReach etc

    Thus, Zebrista’s data extraction tool helps maintain and manage data that is,

    • Complete
    • Valid
    • Relevant
    • Consistent
    • Updated

    If not for Zebrista’ enriched data, B2B businesses would end up suffering huge losses due to fewer customer conversions and negligible RoI due to outdated and invalid prospect data. Plus, it would be a great loss of time and resources, too.

  • Automatic data extraction keeps businesses ahead of competitors

    By leveraging Zebrista’ automatic data extraction tool effectively, businesses can access an enriched prospect database that their competitors may not have access to. This will help them reach and connect to prospects which others may never be able to approach. In the B2B sales world of fierce and cut-throat competition, Zebrista facilitates businesses to always stay ahead in their industry by having a competitive edge over their rivals.

Why should B2B businesses use Zebrista to automate data extraction?

Not only its automatic data extraction tool, Zebrista’ sales prospecting tool, data enrichment tool and its several other unique features help expand the possibilities of a B2B businesses’ successful sales cycle. Accelerated data extraction, hyper-targeted prospecting and qualified lead generation make Zebrista the most sought after sales automation tool; the benefits of which are unlimited.