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How does automating Data Mining process using Zebrista help data management in B2B Sales?

How does automating Data Mining process using Zebrista help data management in B2B Sales?

Data Extraction and Data Mining are two words that are often used interchangeably in the context of data collection in B2B Sales. The two may sound quite similar, however, there is a definitive difference between the two.

In our previous blog, we spoke at length about automating data extraction using the Zebrista data extraction tool. Data extraction is obtaining and collecting data from multiple data sources for prospect list building in B2B Sales. Also known as Web Scraping, data extraction processes generate a vast pool of information that can be used by B2B companies to execute lead generation.

Data Mining, on the other hand, is a methodical process used for analyzing big data sets by using statistical and mathematical techniques to find patterns and trends to obtain value for the data. Data mining is a sequential process of gathering, selecting, cleaning, transforming, and mining the data for evaluating similar patterns and historical trends.There are several benefits of performing data mining; B2B businesses can leverage its potential to a large extent and get a sense of their data to streamline their sales operations.

Automating the data mining process with the help of data mining tools helps companies browse through plenty of data sources and identify hidden patterns efficiently. For B2B businesses, automation of data mining activities aids in discovering patterns and trends in data, maintaining and managing the information etc to help them make informed business decisions.

Zebrista is a data mining tool that automates data mining processes for B2B Sales. Not only does Zebrista aid in automating data mining, but also automates the complete outbound marketing process from prospecting, contact discovery, lead generation, email marketing, linkedin outreach, appointment generation etc.

Advantages of automating Data Mining process using Zebrista for data management in B2B Sales

advantages of zebrista automated data mining tool

  • Automate Data Mining process using Zebrista for Customer segmentation

    Zebrista’ automated data mining process helps businesses collect and collate customer data from 25+ data sources like LinkedIn, Angel, Crunchbase etc. Post data extraction, complete and segmented customer profiles based on their past activities, preferences, behavior etc is created. This automatically mined data helps companies identify specific characteristics of their target customers and aids in creating customized strategies for them that enhances customer relationships.

  • Automate Data Mining process using Zebrista for analyzing Basket Markets

    Based on the concept of product grouping and products that are likely to be bought together, Market basket analysis is a data mining technique used by businesses to increase their sales by studying and understanding their customers’ buying patterns.

    B2B businesses can automate their data mining processes using the Zebrista data mining tool to gather data to determine and analyze basket markets based on repeating patterns and trends.

  • Automate Data Mining process using Zebrista for Sales Forecasting

    By carefully studying historical data trends and patterns, Sales Forecasting is a prediction and decision-making strategy that is used by businesses to predict future events, to deal with uncertainty and sudden risks that may arise. It helps businesses to plan and strategize their impending moves according to the forecast. It is extremely important for the data that is used for sales forecasting, to be updated, consistent and latest.

    Zebrista completely automates the data mining process to provide up-to-date, clean and structured data that can easily be used for sales forecasting activities.

  • Automate Data Mining process using Zebrista for detecting frauds

    One of the most interesting and useful implementations of data mining is that of fraud detection and prevention. Data mining techniques are used to segregate and segment the data to search for patterns that show inconsistencies, suspicious transactions and fraudulent patterns. Data mining aids in building models to detect fraud.

    Zebrista’ automated data mining process enables businesses to access historical as well as latest data, to search for fraudulent transactions and reports that makes their tasks easier and more efficient.

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Automating Data Mining process using Zebrista aids in managing data in B2B Sales

Automating Data Mining using Zebrista can be extremely beneficial for B2B businesses to streamline their sales operations, execute sales forecasting, analyze basket markets, gain customer insights etc. If you are a B2B company looking for automating data mining processes within your organization, Zebrista is your go-to sales automation and sales acceleration platform!