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Why do you need Email Marketing Automation?

Why do you need Email Marketing Automation?

Staying connected with prospects and leads is very important for any business. Keeping in touch with potential customers and existing ones via emails, approaching them at the right time, maintaining regular but relevant interactions with them helps businesses to turn potential customers into permanent clients.

Ofcourse, reaching out to every single customer manually on an individual basis is not a feasible option. Automating this email sending process saves a lot of manual time and effort; this time can be channelized into doing other necessary tasks like maintaining client relationships, building strategies to close deals etc.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

  • Email marketing automation is a process of sending emails to potential customers, using automated workflows via scheduled email campaigns.
  • The automated workflows are designed and targeted to potential leads based on the data collected about their behavior, actions, purchases, preferences and their sales activities in general.
  • Automated Email campaigns help businesses to send the right kind of emails, to the right prospects at the right time with relevant and crisp information regarding their products and services.
  • Sending emails to thousands of customers is now a matter of a few minutes thanks to email marketing automation that eliminates such tedious and redundant manual tasks.
  • An effective automated email campaign, curated with the help of a reliable sales automation tool, can improve, enhance and boost the sales strategy of any business.

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Benefits of Email Marketing Automation

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  • Time Saving

    Needless to say, one of the greatest benefits of email automation is saving time. Since every repetitive manual task of strategizing on the content of an email, sending them individually to customers, repeating the process for regular intervals for remarketing etc is automated, a huge amount of time is saved which can be utilized for more important tasks like building strategies to close the client, nurturing your relationships with the client.

  • Increased customer retention

    Thanks to automated prospecting and contact discovery, businesses learn about a whole new bunch of potential customers that did not exist before. As much as necessary it is to search for new customers, it is extremely important to preserve old customer relationships as well

    Email marketing automation not only helps businesses in exploring newer segments of customers, but also revives old customer bonding. Newly curated, well-designed email marketing campaigns are a great way to attract and re-engage earlier customers. It would be foolish to assume that old customers will always remain loyal customers. Timely and regular emails help you stay connected with your existing customers, so that they don’t lose interest in you. Relevant information about discounts and offers should be an integral part of such emails which are the key to win back previous customers.

    Also, it is easier and cost-friendly to bring back an existing customer than to convert an entirely new lead into a customer.

  • Personalized email templates

    Random emails are most likely to end up in spam or have the highest chances of getting ignored by the recipient. Generalized and irrelevant email content hardly attracts attention, hence gets deleted or avoided.

    With email automation, it is possible to send out personalized emails to every recipient. Ads and offers based on a customer’s activities, personal recommendations based on their interest are more likely to capture the attention of the customer. A customer will resonate and respond to an email only if he/she finds it appealing and suitable for his/her requirements.

    A personalized and positive email has the ability to convert prospects into leads, leads into customers, customers into repeat customers.

    Read some examples of personalized email templates in this blog.

  • Effective and Efficient Sales & Marketing strategy

    It is a no-brainer that email automation and the complete sales automation in general, increases the overall productivity of the entire sales system.

    Automation helps businesses save time and effort in mundane activities, eliminates manual errors, provides more time to focus on important aspects of converting and closing clients and much more.

Zebrista for Email Marketing Automation

  • A sales acceleration platform, Zebrista, is a Sales automation tool that automates your entire sales cycle by implementing prospecting automation, contact discovery, lead generation, email outreach, linkedIn outreach, outbound marketing, appointment generation and much more.
  • Based on the criteria and filters selected, Zebrista helps you identify your target audience from 25+ sources like LinkedIn/angel/crunchbase etc.
  • After identifying the correct audience, data for prospective clients is mined and the contact information of these clients is extracted from the system. Zebrista also does email address validation of the prospects.
  • Scheduled and targeted email campaigns are executed to approach these clients and appointments are generated.
  • Not only does Zebrista help companies build their own workflows depending on their criteria while searching the target audience but also provides a library of already existing workflows which companies can use, some examples of which are targeting recently funded companies, targeting actively hiring companies, etc.
  • Zebrista doesn’t stop here, it does a whole lot of things - Connect with us now to see Zebrista in action and to ACCELERATE your SALES cycle.