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How to do Prospecting Automation using Zebrista - the best B2B sales prospecting tool

How to do Prospecting Automation using Zebrista - the best B2B sales prospecting tool

Sales Prospecting is the process of finding potential buyers or clients for your business. From verifying whether a prospect fits the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), to mining and gathering their details and information from trusted sources and maintaining a database of these contacts for future communication and engagement - is all a part of a company’s Sales Prospecting process.

But manually finding prospects, collecting their data from multiple sources, scheduling meetings for customer engagement etc is a lengthy and laborious process, which definitely reduces the efficiency of the sales process. In a typical B2B Sales Prospecting process, prospecting needs to be done keeping a lot of parameters like industry, budget, timing, turnover etc in consideration. Although all this information can be easily found and accessed online using various tools like the LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced filters and searches, manually sourcing and organizing the data is practically impossible and time consuming. Therefore, it is necessary, in today’s times, to utilize B2B sales prospecting automation tools that are tailored to execute the sales prospecting process automatically.

Zebrista - the best B2B sales prospecting tool

  • A Sales Prospecting tool is a software that provides Sales teams simplified and automated prospecting related tasks and activities.
  • Automatic extraction and collation of prospect data according to ICP from different web sources, automatic retrieval of their contact information, automatic creation of a comprehensive database of ideal prospects etc are some of the many jobs that a sales prospecting tool provides as part of the prospecting automation process.
  • Zebrista, a sales acceleration platform, is not only a Sales prospecting tool that implements prospecting automation, but also an end-to-end Sales automation tool that automates your entire sales cycle from prospecting to lead generation, email outreach, LinkedIn outreach, appointment generation, outbound marketing and much more.
  • As the best Sales Prospecting tool available in the market, Zebrista helps sales teams identify their target audience from 25+ sources like LinkedIn/angel/crunchbase etc, based on the criteria and filters selected. After identifying the correct audience, data for prospective clients is mined and the contact information of these clients is extracted from trusted sources.
  • The main purpose of Zebrista is to provide an automated and ready to use picture of prospects and their details which speeds up the prospecting process.

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How to use Zebrista’ prospecting tool for prospecting automation?

It is important to use Sales prospecting tools in the correct manner in order to build an accurate list of potential prospects. Here is how Zebrista does prospecting automation to provide businesses their ideal prospect information.

  • Automatic prospect data extraction

    Zebrista, as mentioned above, extracts prospect data from 25+ trusted data sources like LinkedIn/angel/crunchbase etc, based on the criteria and filters selected i.e the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Be it person search, company search, job role search or any other parameter, Zebrista carries out an efficient prospect scanning process in the most reliable and effective way. For prospects specific to LinkedIn, Zebrista also works in tandem with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate a list of ideal prospects. Needless to mention, the above task is an automated prospecting activity and nothing needs to be done manually.

  • Automatic prospect database creation

    Once Zebrista gathers prospect information across various channels like the company’s website, their social media pages etc, it also extracts detailed contact data like phone numbers, email addresses etc and creates a proper list of these prospects. These lists can be accessed for reaching out to prospects to initiate future communication and engagement.

  • Auto segmentation

    One of the most unique features of Zebrista is Auto segmentation of prospects. Zebrista allows you to have an unlimited number of searches with different combinations to obtain a segregated, segmented prospect list, which otherwise is not possible with any other sales prospecting tool, as they generally have a search limit on their filters. This unique feature makes Zebrista one of the most sought after sales prospecting automation tools.

    auto segmentation feature in prospecting automation using zebrista prospecting tool

  • Advanced searches and filters

    Zebrista, coupled with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, provides numerous features to users like advanced person and company search, custom prospect lists, alerts and notifications on prospect activities and much more. All these features are available to companies that use the Zebrista prospecting automation tool for their prospecting requirements.

  • Research, Analysis & Tracking Insights

    Zebrista’ detailed prospect lists help companies to research and analyze data and make informed decisions regarding creation of new or modification of existing marketing strategies according to prospect preferences, their likes, dislikes, needs and requirements, so on and so forth. The prospecting tool helps companies understand their prospects better and aids them in tailoring and customizing their outreach in a way that suits the prospects. With Zebrista’ prospecting automation software, companies can track their own activities and gain insight into potential improvement opportunities in their prospecting process.

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