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Advantages of Lead Generation Automation

Advantages of Lead Generation Automation

Lead Generation is one of the most challenging tasks that the biggest of businesses face; be it from any sector - IT, Retail, eCommerce, Manufacturing etc. Creating a database by generating leads using Prospecting Automation and Contact discovery is a strategy that companies channelize their energies into, since only correct leads can guarantee future customers.

What is Lead Generation?

  • Lead Generation is the process of finding potential leads that can turn into future customers using multiple marketing and sales techniques.
  • The process of Lead Generation involves using marketing strategies and ideas to advertise and market your product/service that attract prospects which may convert into your future clients.
  • It is a strategically planned process that guarantees reliable and best quality leads that are more likely to be your customers.
  • Lead Generation helps you find qualified leads with whom you can build and nurture relationships, convert into customers and generate loyal customers for lifetime.

Why is there a need for Lead Generation Automation?

Time is a crucial factor between managing lead generation related data-intensive tasks and the actual Sales process. There are a lot of inevitable time-consuming manual activities that delay the Sales Process which is why the Sales industry is constantly looking to automate these laborious manual and mundane tasks, one of which is lead generation.

Some businesses have already automated their lead generation process with the help of the best tools and processes available in the market today. Not only does the automated process help save time and effort, but also makes the system error-free and more efficient. There are many advantages of automating lead generation, some of which are listed below.

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Advantages of Lead Generation Automation

zebrista lead generation advantages

  • Increases your Customer Count

    By automating the Lead Generation process, it is possible to attract newer segments of potential customers, which may have been missed during generating leads manually. The reach of an automated process is far more wide and efficient than a manual process.

  • Increases Sales Team Productivity

    Automating lead generation helps the sales team worry less about spending time on laborious and manual tasks and instead concentrate more on building new strategies and focus on closing the leads and converting them into customers.

  • Accelerates the Sales process

    An automated lead generation software makes the system more efficient and errorless thereby speeding up the entire sales process. Automation helps eliminate redundant and error-prone manual tasks and creates a more reliable and smoothly functioning sales system.

  • Generates High Quality leads

    As mentioned above, automated Lead Generation guarantees trustworthy and high quality leads as compared to a manual approach; leads that are most likely to convert into customers.

  • Enhances Client Relationships

    It is important to “strike the rod when the iron is hot”. Lead Generation automation helps the Sales team to reach out to customers at the correct time, helps them respond to leads at the right time, thereby increasing the trust of the customers. It acts as a primary catalyst for businesses in maintaining and nurturing long-term client relationships.

Zebrista for automated Lead Generation

While there are plenty of tools to choose from, the downside is that most of them have limited functionality like Time bound Prospecting, laborious lead and appointment generation, erroneous data etc.

  • A sales acceleration platform, Zebrista, is a Sales automation tool that automates your entire sales cycle by implementing prospecting automation, contact discovery, lead generation, email outreach, linkedIn outreach, outbound marketing, appointment generation and much more.
  • Zebrista automates the entire Lead Generation process to provide leads and their details which speeds up the entire process.
  • Based on the criteria and filters selected, Zebrista helps you identify your target audience from 25+ sources like LinkedIn/angel/crunchbase etc.
  • After identifying the correct audience, data for prospective clients is mined and the contact information of these clients is extracted from the system. Zebrista also does email address validation of the prospects.
  • Not only does Zebrista help companies build their own workflows depending on their criteria while searching the target audience but also provides a library of already existing workflows which companies can use, some examples of which are targeting recently funded companies, targeting actively hiring companies, etc.
  • Zebrista doesn’t stop here, it does a whole lot of things - Connect with us now to see Zebrista in action and to ACCELERATE your SALES cycle.