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A guide to Zebrista's implementation of automating RocketReach's contact finder process

A guide to Zebrista's implementation of automating RocketReach's contact finder process

In the business of B2B Sales, it is extremely essential to grow your connections and business with the most reliable and verified source of data. Just finding the prospect contact details like email addresses and phone numbers doesn’t guarantee reaching the right prospects at the right time. Therefore, data enrichment is considered the most important stage of a marketing campaign where prospect data is enriched and enhanced with valid and verified information.

Targeted prospecting is only possible when prospect data is accurate, genuine and relevant. But it is not easy to directly access a prospect’s private and confidential information, something like a personal phone number or email address. Generally, such information is not available for public use. For businesses to prosper and gather quality leads, it is necessary for them to devote more time in nurturing their customer relationships rather than spending time in finding contacts and their information.

Hence, to help B2B businesses acquire this contact information easily so that they can focus more on creating strategies to foster a client relationship, there are several contact finder and email finder tools available. One of the most widely used prospect email finder software is Snov.io; Dropcontact’s accurate prospect contact finding has made it quite a popular tool B2B in the sales and marketing world.

RocketReach is another well-established and extensively used contact finder and email finder tool that helps B2B businesses find updated and verified prospect emails, phone numbers, direct dials etc so that they can reach relevant prospects and decision makers at the right time.

RocketReach - the most effective contact finder tool for B2B sales

  • RocketReach is an effective contact finder tool that allows B2B organizations to extract detailed contact details of ideal prospects, be it people or businesses.
  • One of the biggest database holders of accurate email addresses and phone numbers, RocketReach makes the process of connecting to genuine prospects easier by not only fetching contact information from multiple sources but also enriching this information by validating and verifying the authenticity and quality of data.
  • Some of the unique features of RocketReach’s contact finder and email finder tool includes finding the right contacts using advanced search by location, title, industry and company details etc, bulk prospect lookups, prospect data enrichment like email validation and verification and so on.
  • With RocketReach contact finder tool, businesses can find their ideal prospects within seconds and get their most up-to-date contact information.

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Automating RocketReach’s contact finder process using Zebrista

  • Along with being a data enrichment tool, Zebrista is also an end-to-end sales automation tool that automates your entire sales cycle by implementing prospecting, contact discovery, lead generation, email marketing, appointment generation and much more.
  • Zebrista & RocketReach, combined together, create an effective contact finder software that extracts and enriches prospect data which can be further used for email marketing and LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Zebrista completely automates RocketReach’s contact finding and enrichment process to eliminate any sort of human intervention; thus making the entire process error-free and also saving a significant amount of time, effort and resources.
  • Zebrista’ implementation of automating RocketReach’s contact finder tool helps businesses access a list of enriched prospect databases complete with accurate and verified email addresses, phone numbers, direct dials etc , within minutes.

features of zebrista automated rocketreach contact finder tool

The dual power of Zebrista & RocketReach for contact finding in B2B Sales

The combination of Zebrista, the best sales automation tool in the market, and RocketReach, the best contact finder tool, itself is a business’ dream come true! And to top that, automation of the extensive contact finding process is a cherry on the cake! It completely eliminates the laborious and time consuming process of contact finding and enrichment.

If you are looking for a sales prospecting and data enrichment tool that can help you connect to your ideal prospects in the shortest possible time, head over to Zebrista, an end-to-end sales automation and acceleration solution for B2B Sales.