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Automate Apollo Email Finder to find and enrich email addresses using Zebrista

Automate Apollo Email Finder to find and enrich email addresses using Zebrista

With newer and fancier tools making their impressions in the sales and marketing world, it is only natural to think that conventional sales strategies have taken a backseat. But to be honest, the old-age and traditional method of email marketing still holds the same relevance and importance even today, like it used to, back in the days. Why? Because email marketing continues to be a more effective technique of customer acquisition than any other social media platform. In order to amplify and accelerate the process, sales automation tools like Zebrista automate email marketing campaigns, thereby increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

Zebrista, a sales acceleration software, that automates the complete outbound marketing process from prospecting, contact discovery, lead generation, email marketing, linkedin outreach, appointment generation etc.

However, the downside of email outreach campaigns is that finding the right email address of prospects is a herculean task. The limited prospect contact information available directly on social networks and on the web is not sufficient to successfully execute email marketing campaigns. Moreover, the web is a repository of vast amounts of data, most of which is raw, irrelevant and of poor quality.

Email finder and contact finder tools help businesses in finding detailed and extra information about prospects, by browsing through multiple data sources. These tools not only extract additional information of the prospects but also ensure that the data is valid, complete and rich in quality. Snov.io, Dropcontact, RocketReach, Apollo etc are some popular contact finder tools that are used by B2B companies to enrich prospect contact information, to enhance the quality of their email marketing campaigns.

Apollo is one of the best email finder tools, that helps businesses tackle the challenges of finding prospects’ email addresses. In this blog, we’ll see how Zebrista automates Apollo’s email finder process. The automation of Apollo’s email finding process not only helps companies save time and efforts but also improves their sales process efficiency and productivity like never before.

Apollo - the best email finder tool for B2B prospecting

  • Apollo has a database of a whopping 265+ million enriched B2B contacts that are filtered and created with great accuracy and precision.
  • The email finder software not only finds email addresses but also provides auto-enriched and up-to-date contact details that are of greater quality than any other platform.
  • Apollo’s email finder software helps businesses prioritize high-value leads with the unique feature of the Scoring Engine. Businesses can access an automatically scored and ranked prospect list based on specific attributes provided in the filters.
  • Its integration and compatibility with all CRMs makes it even more easier and simpler to auto-enrich prospect email addresses and contact information.

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Automating Apollo’s Email Finder software using Zebrista

features of zebrista automated email finder tool using apollo

  • Zebrista runs scheduled data enrichment programs, in integration with Apollo’s email finder tool, to enrich prospect’s email addresses and contact details.
  • Zebrista automates Apollo’s email finding process i.e. the process - of uploading a prospect list to Zebrista’ email finder and enricher module, that uses Apollo’s email finder tool to enrich data - is completely automated and requires zero manual intervention.
  • Zebrista’ automated email finder process provides enriched contact details within minutes of entering prospect details, thus saving ample time, effort and resources.

Automate Apollo Email Finder using Zebrista to find and enrich email addresses

While other sales automation platforms provide limited and restricted options of automating sales processes, Zebrista is the only tool that automates end-to-end tasks of the sales cycle. But if businesses wish to access and implement solo modules like the email finder software or the contact finder tool only, then Zebrista also provides the choice of customization.

If there’s any sales acceleration platform that automates all the sales-related activities and provides results within minutes, then it is none other than Zebrista!