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Unique Features of Zebrista' Email Marketing automation software

Unique Features of Zebrista' Email Marketing automation software

Even today, email marketing campaigns hold the power and potential to drive terrific sales and growth for B2B businesses. It has consistently outperformed other sales and marketing strategies to emerge victorious as an extremely reliable, popular and effective technique to generate leads.

But, for your email marketing campaigns to continue maintaining their relevance and to improve their efficiency in an extremely competitive sales market with tons of other email campaigns executing simultaneously, it is extremely important to have a highly advanced and cutting-edge email marketing automation software that not only automates all email campaign processes but also increases the effectiveness of the sales process by keeping the audience engaged and interested enough to convert them into lifetime customers.

Every email marketing automation software provides very basic collection features like automation of sending bulk emails, personalized email templates, mobile optimization and a couple of other fundamental services. But apart from these, most of the email marketing tools have nothing unique to offer and lack innovative functionality that can optimize and enhance email campaigns.

Zebrista, a sales automation and acceleration platform, is one such unique email marketing platform that provides some extraordinary and distinctive services to magnify the power of email marketing campaigns. Zebrista is an end-to-end sales automation platform that automates the complete outbound marketing process from prospecting, contact discovery, lead generation, linkedin outreach, appointment generation etc. Let us learn in detail a few of Zebrista’ unique email marketing automation software features.

Zebrista’ Email Marketing software : Email message automation & delivery

With Zebrista’ email marketing software, it is easily possible to automate sending bulk emails to thousands of prospects at one time. As part of an email campaign, these emails may be sent based on a certain set of rules, or as response to particular activity. Welcome emails, confirmation emails, follow up emails etc can all be part of such an email workflow campaign. The software also enables you to schedule time-based email delivery if your campaign requires you to send out emails at a specific point of time. Minute detailing like maintaining a delay period between two follow up emails is also taken care of by the tool to ensure that emails just don’t land in the recipient’s inbox randomly.

Not only does the platform offer email message automation but also ensures guaranteed email deliverability. Zebrista’ email campaign monitor constantly keeps a track of the status of the emails to check if they have reached the recipient’s inbox or are being restricted by the spam filters by performing regular spam testing.

Zebrista’ Email Marketing software : Mobile Responsiveness

If you are surprised whether mobile optimization is indeed worthy of being identified as one of the important features of an email marketing tool, then you should consider reading this article on why mobile email marketing is necessary. Lack of mobile responsiveness will adversely affect email open and response rates resulting in a negative impact on sales. Zebrista’ email marketing software automatically optimizes email messages for mobile screens, making it easier for mobile users to scan and read these messages.

Zebrista’ Email Marketing software : Hyper Personalization of Emails

It is true that every email automation tool provides the ability to personalize and customize emails. Sure it is not compulsory yet it gives a personal touch; that can prove to be an appealing factor for the prospect and easily draw his/her attention. The email marketing tools available in the market currently have limited personalization capabilities in which the scope of customization is only restricted to the body of the email.

Zebrista provides a unique feature of hyper personalization of emails which means that you can use the tool to personalize even the subject line of the email. This is the most distinctive feature of this tool that differentiates it from the rest of the email automation tools available.

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Zebrista’ Email Marketing software : Email Validation & Verification

Zebrista has integrated with email data enrichment tools like Snov.io, Apollo, Drop Contact, Rocket Reach for verifying and validating prospect email addresses. Zebrista’ email validator responsibilities include discarding invalid and out-of-date emails, updating relevant and latest emails, verifying the authenticity and usefulness of the email address and several other important activities. It is necessary to have the appropriate and valid email addresses to minimize the bounce rate and spam rate and increase email click through rates.

Zebrista’ Email Marketing software : Third Party Integrations

If you already have all your data on CRMs like SalesForce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho etc, Zebrista provides a seamless integration of its email marketing software on your existing CRMs. From hyper-personalized templates, email validation and verification, bulk email automation to follow-ups and delivery, Zebrista’ automated email campaign tool will ensure all these tasks are carried out efficiently to the T.

unique features of zebrista email marketing automation software

Zebrista’ Email Marketing software : Conclusion

With the correct email marketing automation tool, you can hit the right nerve of the prospect to pique their interest. Zebrista’ unique and exceptional email campaigning tool not only creates your brand awareness in the prospect’s mind but builds your relationship with them by reaching them at the right time. Its distinctive yet remarkable features and perks is what makes it the best email marketing automation software available today.