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How to easily automate LinkedIn Data Extraction using Zebrista - the best B2B sales automation tool

How to easily automate LinkedIn Data Extraction using Zebrista - the best B2B sales automation tool

To say the least, LinkedIn is a treasure-trove of business information of companies and professional profiles of people. Majority of the B2B companies do LinkedIn data extraction to yield the best results for their sales cycle that help their business grow faster - the reason being LinkedIn is the most comprehensive up-to-date professional database.

Data Extraction from LinkedIn for Prospect List Building

Ofcourse, there are plenty of data sources online which provide business data and information about companies and people, like Crunchbase, Angel etc. - the data from which is extracted and used by B2B companies for prospect list building. But LinkedIn leaves all of them behind by being the most preferred data source or platform that is used by B2B companies for business networking.

The LinkedIn platform provides information about,

  • every person from senior level executives to employees
  • every business from big companies to smaller organizations

related to the B2B market. LinkedIn data extraction gives you the opportunity to utilize all this data to build a list of ideal prospects and potential leads to create effective LinkedIn Outreach campaigns.

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Automate Data Extraction from LinkedIn using Zebrista

Zebrista is a data mining tool that automates data mining processes for B2B Sales. Not only does Zebrista aid in automating data mining, but also automates the complete outbound marketing process from prospecting, contact discovery, lead generation, email marketing, linkedin outreach, appointment generation etc.

Zebrista automates the entire prospect data extraction process whether the data is Crunchbase or Angel or LinkedIn. Automating the data extraction process eliminates the manual efforts of data extraction, implements hyper-targeted prospecting and generates qualified leads. Read about how Zebrista automates the data extraction process in this blog to know more about this in detail.

Zebrista’ automatic data extraction process is scheduled to execute and update at a regular interval of every 24 hours. Thus, the automated data extraction system ensures that the extracted data is the most current, up-to-date and accurate information accessible without any manual effort required.

Let us see below why it is beneficial to automate the LinkedIn data extraction process using Zebrista - the best sales automation tool.

Benefits of automating Data Extraction from LinkedIn using Zebrista

advantages of zebrista automated linkedin data extraction tool

Data extraction processes using automated data extraction tools accelerate the entire process of prospecting and lead generation and LinkedIn is one of the most effective data sources for B2B businesses. Therefore, the automation of the LinkedIn data extraction process using an effective data extraction tool like Zebrista will be like the cherry on the cake. In fact , you can have the cake and eat it too!!

  • Automate LinkedIn data extraction using Zebrista to connect with ideal prospects

    Based on criteria and filters that define your Ideal Customer Profile, Zebrista’ automated LinkedIn data extraction process helps B2B businesses extract relevant information about their ideal customers. The automatic data extraction process includes using basic LinkedIn search filters as well as advanced LinkedIn search filters to extract all available information of prospective clients from LinkedIn. From job titles, work experience, authority level etc of ‘people’ to annual revenue, headcount, growth etc of ‘companies’, LinkedIn provides every minute detail to the T.

    Zebrista automates the LinkedIn data extraction process to easily connect with clients who are perfect for the product or service. Zebrista allows you to export this data to a CSV spreadsheet, excel sheet or a CRM.

  • Automate LinkedIn data extraction using Zebrista to boost lead generation

    Once Zebrista automates the LinkedIn data extraction process and completes the list building of potential prospects, it becomes easy to reach qualified leads by creating effective outreach campaigns. A well crafted LinkedIn outreach strategy automatically speeds up the process of establishing a connection with the decision makers (leads). Automating the LinkedIn data extraction process helps accelerate all these prerequisite tasks that are required for getting close to gaining a customer.

  • Automate LinkedIn data extraction using Zebrista to understand competitor strategies

    Using Zebrista’ automated LinkedIn data extraction process, businesses can collect their competitor customer data, understand their marketing strategies etc to study and analyze about what is making their competitors stand out in the market and how are they achieving growth and success. Therefore, taking informed decisions post this analysis, creating successful strategies based on the research etc becomes a lot more easier for B2B businesses.

  • Automate LinkedIn data extraction using Zebrista to create targeted marketing campaigns

    Zebrista automatically extracts LinkedIn data by scanning thousands of LinkedIn profiles and generates a list of potential prospects. It collects as much data as possible and arranges it in a structured format based on different categories like industry, demographics, geography, technology etc. Segregation is also done based on prospect preferences, previous sales activities, interests and response. This data helps companies to implement targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that increase the chances of customer conversions.

Why should you use the Zebrista sales automation tool to automate LinkedIn data extraction?

Zebrista is a powerful and low-cost sales automation tool that automates LinkedIn data extraction entirely. The best part is setting up this automatic LinkedIn data extraction process and also the sales processes thereafter, are extremely easy and straightforward. Zebrista eliminates all the laborious and time-consuming manual activities of the sales cycle by completely automating them so that companies can focus on more important aspects of sales i.e. closing deals and building better customer relationships.