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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Searches and Filters

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Searches and Filters

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator, as we know, is a sales management tool created by LinkedIn that is designed to help Sales teams of companies find the right prospects and leads for their business on the LinkedIn network. To know more about it, read our blog on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

The Sales team uses accurately designed search and filter features and customized algorithms on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to search and find ideal candidates for their business. While name and job title filters are commonly used, the scope of the search criteria is vast where sales professionals can look for their target audience based on keywords, geography, industry, demographics and much more.

If you are part of the Sales team of any company and are looking for that niche audience who are your ideal prospects and leads for your business, and are unable to refine your search and reach ideal customers, then you need to understand how the LinkedIn Sales Navigator advanced searches and filters work; to come up with an accurate list of potential candidates.

In this blog, let us take a look at some of the advanced search filters on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator that may help you refine your audience search.

  • Company Headcount - This filter can be used when you are looking for people working in companies of a certain headcount. The headcount is manually fed by the company itself, therefore LinkedIn doesn’t take into account the actual employees of the company present on LinkedIn. It is important that the company updates this information on a regular basis.
  • Current & Past Company - As simple as the name suggests, this filter in LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps when you have to search for people working in a specific company or were previously working in a particular company. For eg: Company name “Microsoft”
  • Company Type - You can filter companies based on their type - Privately held, Public Company, Non-profit, Educational Institution etc using the Company Typer filter.
  • Function - The Function filter fetches people belonging to the Particular function/field based on the job titles they have updated on LinkedIn. It may happen so that one person can be part of multiple functions based on the multiple titles he has mentioned on LinkedIn.
  • Job Title - As the name suggests, this filter provides a list of all those accounts that have the particular job title selected in their “Present” work experience section. For eg: If you are looking for Sales Manager in the filter, it will fetch all those users who are presently Sales Managers in their companies. It will not include users who were previously Sales Managers and now hold a different position.
  • Seniority Level - Based on the job titles of users, LinkedIn creates a Seniority level for users. Whatever level you choose in the filter, a list of users with that seniority level (created by LinkedIn) is fetched back.
  • Years in current company OR current position - Both these filters in LinkedIn Sales Navigator is very useful if you are looking for specific position holders in a company who have spent specific number of years in that company. For instance, you can use this filter if you are looking for a Sales Manager of companies who are part of the company for more than 6-10 years because you want someone who is a decision maker.
  • Activities and shared experiences - This filter is useful when you Want to target an audience section who has had a particular activity related to them. The filter has activities like changed jobs in last 90 days, posted on LinkedIn in 30 days (maybe looking for a new job), mentioned in the news in the last 30 days (business mentioned in news) etc. Once the list is fetched using this filter, you can personalize your emails mentioning the related activity, that can increase your engagement rate.
  • Posted content - If you want to reach out to users who use specific keywords in the content they post on their pages, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides the Posted content filter for the same. If a user/ Business uses a particular keyword in most of their posts say “Sales”, which may be related to their industry/post, you can target such accounts using the filter.
  • Connection - The Connection filter has degree of your connections like 1st degree connections, 2nd degree connections, 3rd degree+ connections, group members etc. While 1st degree connections are your immediate connections, it is the 2nd and 3rd degree+ connections that are useful for you and your company if you are in the process of LinkedIn Lead generation since you need to reach out to people you are not yet connected with.
  • Geography - You can use this filter to target your leads based on their own location, not their company’s.
  • Industries - If you want to look at a list of users belonging to a specific industry, then you can use this filter to extract the data. Please note that LinkedIn looks at the industry of the user and not their company’s.
  • Years of experience - True to its name, this filter enables you to target users having specific years of experience in one particular field/industry, irrespective of the number of companies they might have changed during their journey.
  • School - If your company is looking for people from any prestigious schools in your country, then this is the filter you should be using. For eg: if you want engineering graduates from IIT, Mumbai, then you can use this particular option.

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  • Annual Revenue - One of the most important filters, this is extremely useful for checking the annual revenue of any company. This data is gathered from the web and also from extrapolation of LinkedIn data. You can also select the currency, min and max value in millions to furthermore refine your search.
  • Company Headcount - Similar to person search, this filter helps you extract a list of companies with a particular employee headcount.
  • Company Headcount Growth - This is one of the very useful filters to see the progress of any company in terms of headcount. For eg: If you want companies that have witnessed employee count growth by 15% in the past year, you can use this filter.
  • HQ Location - If you want to target companies whose headquarters are based in a specific location, this is your go to filter. You can squeeze your search even more, you can choose regions, postal code etc.
  • Industry - For targeting industry specific companies, you can use the industry filter in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for fetching your required list of companies.
  • Number of followers - When you need to look for companies which have a specific number of followers, then this filter can be used to extract the data.
  • Department Headcount - Suppose your product/service is required by a particular department of any company and you wish to know if such a department exists in that company and whether it has enough people who would actually like to acquire your product, then the department headcount filter can provide the information you are looking for.
  • Fortune - You can use the Fortune filter if you wish to target only Fortune 500 companies and similar searches.
  • Technologies Used - A very good and useful filter, the Technology filter in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find and connect with companies using specific technologies. This is extremely useful when you want to see companies that are using the latest technologies.
  • Job Opportunities - An actively hiring company is a proof that it is growing and is in good health. This filter helps you fetch those companies that have at least one job offer posted on LinkedIn. (Read how Zebrista, a sales automation tool, helps businesses target Actively Hiring Companies.)
  • Recent Activities - A company’s recent activities like senior leadership changed in last 3 months, funding events in past 12 months etc is an opportunity to target your product/service to them. You can use the Recent Activity filter to hunt for such companies to propose your product to them. (Read how Zebrista helps businesses target Recently Funded Startups.)

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Zebrista and LinkedIn Sales Navigator : Conclusion

  • Zebrista is a sales automation tool that identifies and extracts your target audience from LinkedIn by using the classic LinkedIn Search and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • By using appropriate boolean operators and filters in the LinkedIn Search and accurately created advanced search and filter features along with personalized algorithms in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zebrista generates the perfect list of ideal prospects.
  • The right blend of Zebrista and LinkedIn Search with the added advantage of Sales Navigator speeds up the entire Sales process.
  • From prospecting, contact discovery, lead generation, email marketing, appointment generation, linkedin outreach to outbound marketing, Zebrista is your one-stop shop for sales automation and acceleration.
  • Zebrista doesn’t stop here, It does a whole lot of things - Connect with us now to see Zebrista in action and to ACCELERATE your SALES cycle.