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Useful LinkedIn Lead Generation Techniques

Useful LinkedIn Lead Generation Techniques

Sure, LinkedIn was launched as a job posting and job hunting site, but over time, it transformed itself into the most widely used business networking portal across the world that gives you the best opportunity to build connections that can help you grow your business. Not only is it useful for extensive networking, LinkedIn aids businesses in creating brand awareness, prospecting, email marketing, lead generation, advertising, customer conversion, so on and so forth.

Talking specifically about lead generation, LinkedIn is more effective for lead generation than any other social networking platforms.. It is common knowledge that busiesses leverage LinkedIn for every aspect of their Marketing and Sales processes, including lead generation ofcourse, as it promises guaranteed success.

But it is important to consider and bear in mind the extreme competition that is present on LinkedIn. Thousands of companies, with their terrific lead generation strategies and the best sales automation techniques are hunting for leads on the platform. It is, thus, necessary to implement effective and productive techniques that are distinct from others and boost your lead generation.

Top LinkedIn Lead Generation Techniques

Assuming that you already have a LinkedIn page ready for your business, below are the best lead generation strategies that can help you amplify your lead count.

  • Accurate Prospecting

    Sending random emails to people not interested in your product/service will only ensure that these emails end up in the spam folder. If your business strategy doesn’t target the correct prospects, who will actually benefit from your service/product, then it is bound to fail. Rather than sending unwanted emails, it is important to establish a connection with the prospects/leads.

    Creating an Ideal Customer Profile with the correct criteria, obtaining relevant information of these prospects regarding their requirements and business problems, their interests and willingness etc are the very first steps of lead generation. It is advisable to look for decision makers of the company who have the authority to take important decisions. Generating a database of the desired prospects via the above steps is the foremost requisite to generate leads.

  • Selecting the correct Automation tool

    Yes, there are plenty of tools like the Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Outreach on LinkedIn, and other sales automation tools as well, available in the market that can be used. But blindly opting for any of these tools without any strategy in mind will only ruin your sales process.

    While choosing any automation tool, a few parameters that you should consider are,

    • Features like modeling strategies based on prospects’ behavior and activities, data mining and extraction techniques, data collation, reporting and analytics
    • Safety and reliability of the tool
    • Cost effectiveneess
    • Business Relevance
    • Usefulness of the tool etc

    One of the best sales automation tools, Zebrista, has all of the above criteria fully satisfied and is the correct choice when it comes to lead generation automation.

  • Personalizing emails

    As said above, casual emailing has the highest chances of getting ignored by the recipient. A vague and generalized email doesn’t catch the attention of the reader, resulting in ignorance or deletion.

    Customized and personalized emails make the recipient feel included and interested. The correct automation tool helps your business send emails with ads and offers based on a target’s activities, personal recommendations based on their interest etc. A customer will resonate and respond to an email only if he/she finds it appealing and suitable for his/her requirements.

    A personalized and positive email has the ability to convert prospects into leads, leads into customers, customers into repeat customers.

  • Posting regular but relevant content

    Engaging your audience with regular but relevant posts is the key to lead generation. Blog posts, newsletters, company events, webinars, latest information/updates regarding your product/service, educational videos etc with the correct and relevant hashtags will boost your content and visibility on LinkedIn.

    Bear in mind that these posts should sound informative and educational, but never promotional. You can also refer to social media calendars to mark important dates and events related to your business/product/service and prepare posts for the same. What’s important is to stay active on the platform and be regular with the posts.

  • LinkedIn Ads

    Apart from the organic way of lead generation, if you are willing to generate leads using paid promotion, then LinkedIn Ads should be the chosen one. LinkedIn Ads help you target the relevant leads for your business by taking into account parameters and criteria you set up.

    Almost 80% of B2B business leverage LinkedIn ads to boost their marketing, advertising and lead generation activities. Personalized and customized LinkedIn ads help you gain high quality leads who are most likely to end up being your potential customers.

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Why is LinkedIn Lead Generation useful?

It would not be incorrect to say that LinkedIn is the most effective platform when it comes to expand the horizons of your business. But as a business, it is your job to understand and create a right mix of strategies, tools and audience that can help you gain quality leads.