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LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

One of the hottest terms that is doing the rounds of the Marketing and Sales arena nowadays is Social Selling. A strategic method of connecting to leads and prospects via social media networks is called Social Selling.

LinkedIn, being the most valuable resource for B2B businesses due to its extensive networking platform consisting of over 740 million users, is one of the first and best mediums for Social Selling. With two powerful sales management tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Outreach in its kitty, LinkedIn is quite a revolution when it comes to prospecting, lead generation and many other aspects related to Social Selling.

In one of our previous blogs, we learnt about LinkedIn Outreach automation; today in this blog, let us understand,

  • What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

  • Sales Navigator is a social selling, sales management tool provided by LinkedIn that is designed to help companies, particularly the Sales team, find the right prospects and leads for their business on the LinkedIn network.
  • Using the accurately created search and filter features, coupled with customized algorithms, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps businesses reach their potential customers and engage with them on a personal level by allowing sales professionals to use search criteria like keywords, geography, industry, demographics etc
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables businesses to approach the perfect prospects and leads based on their Ideal Customer Profile(ICP).
  • A paid tool with Core, Advanced and Advance Plus subscriptions available, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best tool for B2B businesses if they want to connect with their ideal customers.

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Top Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

zebrista linkedin sales navigator for lead generation features

  • InMail

    As the name suggests, InMail is used to send messages/mails to other LinkedIn users. With the Core subscription, you can send upto 50 InMail messages per month. A key feature for sales professionals, InMail allows direct messaging to another LinkedIn member without sending a connection request first; unlike regular Linkedin messages that can only be sent to people you’re already connected to. Inmails is a paid feature only available to Linkedin Premium users.

  • Advanced Targeted Search

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to search based on extensive search criteria like keywords, geography, industry, demographics, job title company name, company size, company type and much more. You can search for anyone on the platform, an unlimited number of times. Also, if you want to use a specific search criteria repeatedly as part of your ICP prospecting, you can save your search criteria and reuse the next time.

  • Lead Recommendation

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator recommends leads and important accounts that need to be targeted, based on the data, search and filters you have saved. This feature proposes relevant leads based on your search criteria history, profiles you have viewed and visited, past saved search criteria and saved leads etc.

  • Team Link and Team Link Extend

    The Advanced subscription enables access to TeamLink and TeamLink Extend. These features allow sales representatives to check on their teams and identify who has connections established with a prospect. According to LinkedIn, TeamLink allows you an easy way to make warm introductions to your prospects using your entire team’s network. TeamLink works by identifying Sales Navigator license holders on your team account who are 1st-degree connections to a prospect, even if you’re not connected to your teammate on LinkedIn.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Read through this blog on the complete list of features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Note : The above features are available on different subscriptions. Please select your plan accordingly. We will cover subscription wise features of Sales Navigator in separate blogs.

Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

zebrista linkedin sales navigator for lead generation benefits

  • CRM Integration

    Saving your prospect lists to your preferred CRM is a matter of a single click thanks to LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s integration with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot etc. You can also save your activities like InMails, messages etc from LinkedIn to your CRM. This helps in managing your sales pipeline and tracking sales data, all from a single location.

  • Insights & Analysis

    The LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides useful insights and analysis which can be used to enhance your sales planning, build and rebuild marketing strategies and leverage real-time data to amplify sales.

  • Automated Lead Generation

    Relevant leads recommended by the LinkedIn Sales Navigator based on search history and previously saved leads helps sales professionals to concentrate more on closing these leads and convert them to potential customers rather than spending time on generating leads.

How does Zebrista use LinkedIn Navigator for sales process automation?

  • Zebrista identifies and extracts your target audience based on the filters provided on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Once the list is populated, Zebrista uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator for finding contact information like their email addresses etc. Not only does it find email addresses but also enriches the data by validating these email addresses of the prospects.
  • With its accurately created search and filter features along with personalized algorithms, LinkedIn Navigator, coupled with Zebrista is the best choice when it comes to finding the ideal customers.
  • It is possible to automate the entire Lead Generation process using Zebrista and LinkedIn Sales Navigator which provide leads and their details to speed up the entire Sales process.
  • Zebrista doesn’t stop here, It does a whole lot of things - Connect with us now to ACCELERATE your SALES cycle and to see Zebrista in action.