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Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Outreach (Outbound Marketing)

Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Outreach (Outbound Marketing)

Although Email Marketing might sound a bit primitive in today’s marketing world with the emergence of social media, it still remains one of the most popular ways of connecting with prospects, generating leads and converting them into customers.

But the fact remains that LinkedIn has managed to grab the attention of businesses of every sector by creating the much needed noise in the Marketing and Sales arena. With powerful tools like the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Outreach, LinkedIn is a one stop shop for carrying out the A-Z processes of Marketing and Sales like creating brand awareness, marketing and advertising, customer engagement and eventually closing a deal.

While both methods have different approaches to connect to a prospect/lead, the objective of either remains the same i.e. gaining a lead and converting it to a permanent customer. Both have their pros and cons and that is what we will understand in this blog today.

Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Outreach Marketing : Advantages

Email Marketing

  • Even today, Email marketing is used by thousands of companies to reach their prospective customers. It is the most popular and effective form of communication where business networking is concerned.
  • With plenty of Email marketing automation software available in the market, it is now easily possible to automate sending bulk emails to thousands of prospects at one time.
  • Email automation software like Zebrista not only help in automating email marketing by scheduling timely email campaigns, but also facilitate personalized and customized emails.
  • Email marketing automation tools also help in tracking the response rate of emails that can help businesses in strategizing and re-strategizing and make informed decisions about their process.

LinkedIn Outreach

  • LinkedIn is the most widely used business networking portal across the world that gives you the best opportunity to build connections that can help you grow your business.
  • LinkedIn Outreach aids businesses in prospecting, leads engagement and extensive networking.
  • Automation of LinkedIn Outreach helps you reach your prospects and leads but also simulates customer behavior and interactions, manages constant engagement with prospects etc. while also performing mundane tasks of sending emails to prospects, connection requests and messages to your clients.
  • It is possible for businesses to reach out to suitable prospects, send out personalized emails to prospects, understand behavior of potential leads for marketing, consider existing leads for remarketing and much more by automating the LinkedIn Outreach process.

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Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Outreach Marketing : Disadvantages

Email Marketing

While it is true that Email Marketing helps you reach thousands of prospects at a time, the probability of these emails reaching a desired and genuine prospect is very less. These emails are likely to end up in the spam folder.

The reason being that email marketing doesn’t take into account customer behavior, their sales actions, their interests etc. Companies only have thousands of email IDs to send emails to, with very little information or details known about the recipient - whether they are the correct prospect or not, if they are interested or not, whether they are the target audience or not.

Instead of accelerating the Sales process, this could cause more harm and slow down the process, resulting in a wastage of time, efforts and money.

LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn Outreach and its automation can give businesses never before approached leads and prospects. In today’s times, there are hardly any businesses that are not available on LinkedIn which makes it the best and correct place for networking and expanding business opportunities

But the downside is that the competition is fierce. There are millions of companies active on the platform with terrific marketing strategies and the best sales automation techniques, hunting for prospects and leads. It is therefore very important for companies to search for the best sales automation tool in the market like Zebrista, which stands apart from the crowd and has the best automation techniques.

zebrista email marketing vs linkedin outreach

Email Marketing vs LinkedIn Outreach Marketing : Conclusion

While they have their own pros and cons, both Email Marketing and LinkedIn Outreach are effective in their own ways. Email Marketing is relevant even today for bulk campaigns whereas Linked Outreach has opened a new horizon for easy networking and communication. Both have their target areas and are implemented widely across various industries and businesses from time to time.