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Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for better B2B Sales results

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for better B2B Sales results

In one of our previous blogs, we saw how LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a sales management tool developed by LinkedIn is used by B2B businesses to do better prospecting, lead generation and eventually find ideal customers. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps sales teams and professionals utilize the LinkedIn platform more effectively and extensively, to ultimately reach their dream customers.

The Sales Navigator on LinkedIn has plenty of features that, if put to use properly, can bring businesses quality leads and genuine customers. It is important to thoroughly understand these features and implement them appropriately in order to increase your sales results.

There are three major subscriptions available on the LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform namely,

  • Core/Professional
  • Advanced/Team
  • Advanced Plus/Enterprise

Each subscription has multiple features catering to different requirements. These features are made available to your account depending on the subscription you avail. Let us go through the above plans and their features one-by-one and understand how they can be used to improve prospecting and lead generation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator : Core/Professional

The Core or Professional plan is the base or starting point of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. If you opt for the Core subscription of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can access the below features.

  • InMail

One of the key features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional plan, InMail is used to send direct messages/mails to other LinkedIn users (who are not part of your network) without sending a connection request first. You can send up to 50 InMail messages per month. With the InMail feature, it is possible for the Sales team to reach out to people outside their network, thus expanding the scope of their opportunities and creating relationships with potential leads.

  • Advanced Search & Save Filters

You can perform an advanced lead and company search based on extensive search criteria like keywords, geography, industry, demographics, job title, company name, company size, company type and much more etc. This plan not only allows you unlimited number of searches but also provides the option of saving these searches. Saving the searches enables you to reuse a specific search criteria repeatedly as part of your ICP prospecting. Using this feature, you can save up to a maximum of 10,000 leads.

  • Creating custom account lists

By subscribing to this feature of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can create a customized list of accounts to establish priority customers, to keep a tab and track of the accounts, to analyze the accounts etc.

  • Accounts/Leads Alerts and Notifications

The Professional subscription also provides alerts and notifications related to your leads for instance, notifying whenever any action needs to be taken on a lead, new lead recommendations, notifications whenever your lead changes jobs, companies etc.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator : Advanced/Team

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced is the middle level subscription tier which is the best option for teams which do not opt for CRM integration. Along with features of the Core subscription, the Advanced plan gives you the below additional features.

  • Team Link and Team Link Extend

TeamLink and TeamLink Extend is an important feature of the Advanced LinkedIn Sales Navigator that allows Sales Reps to identify and highlight teammates who have established connections with new prospects that can be converted into leads. It works by identifying Sales Navigator license holders on your team account who are 1st-degree connections to a prospect, even if you’re not connected to your teammate on LinkedIn.

  • Embedded profiles integrations (SNAP)

The Team/Advanced plan enables you to access LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a viewable embedded profile within your CRM like Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce. This integration facilitates the direct leveraging of LinkedIn information and Sales Navigator insights within your CRM, in addition to the tracking of your other sales and relationship activity.

Note : The Advanced subscription enables only the embedded LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile within your CRM. As mentioned above, it does not enable CRM Integration. To enable CRM sync, you will need Sales Navigator Advanced Plus edition.

  • Smart Links

An exclusive link that contains packaged content from within the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to observe user behavior and interest, to gain insights on customer interest etc is created called the Smart Link. This feature is helpful to understand and gauge how buyers are engaging with your content, planning follow-ups with them, identifying other decision makers and much more. Alerts and notifications on your smart links help you track buyer’s intent and engagement easily. Smart links help you gain a better and advanced outreach.

In addition to the above, the Advanced subscription of LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you with team collaboration tools to share lists and searches between remote team members, reporting and analytics to monitor performance, facility to upload .CSV data to Sales Navigator etc.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator : Advanced Plus/Enterprise

Advanced Plus or Enterprise is the highest subscription plan of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, that supports enterprise grade functionality and is the best for users and teams who want their CRM, Sales Navigator and other sales tools to be in sync with one another. It provides all features of the Core and Advanced subscriptions coupled with some added features that increase your sales efficiency and give better sales results.

  • CRM integrations

First and foremost, it is necessary to know that only Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers are eligible for CRM integrations. This is the most important feature of the Enterprise plan that allows the exchange of information between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and CRM. It is easier to handle your sales pipeline and track sales data, all from one location.

  • Importing CRM information into LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Save Sales Navigator Leads & Accounts from CRM

  • Include/exclude matched leads in Sales Navigator search

  • View CRM opportunity information in Sales Navigator

  • Lead recommendations from CRM

  • Importing LinkedIn Sales Navigator information into CRM

  • Push InMails, messages, notes, and Smart Links into CRM

  • Create and update CRM Leads in CRM directly from Sales Navigator

  • Perform data validation on CRM data

Besides the above, the Advanced Plus plan also facilitates RoI reporting to measure revenue, sandbox testing of CRM features etc.

zebrista features of sales navigator

How does Zebrista use LinkedIn Navigator for sales process automation?

  • Zebrista identifies and extracts your target audience based on the filters provided on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Once the list is populated, Zebrista uses LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other contact discovery tools for finding contact information like their email addresses, contact number etc. Not only does it find email addresses but also enriches the data by validating these email addresses of the prospects.
  • With its accurately created search and filter features along with personalized algorithms, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, coupled with Zebrista is the best choice when it comes to taking your sales and growth to the next level.
  • It is possible to automate the entire Lead Generation process using Zebrista and LinkedIn Sales Navigator which provide leads and their details to speed up the entire Sales process.
  • Zebrista doesnt stop here, It does a whole lot of things - Connect with us now to ACCELERATE your SALES cycle and to see Zebrista in action.