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Best practices for effective email writing in B2B Sales

Best practices for effective email writing in B2B Sales

The fact that email marketing has managed to sustain its relevance in the ever-changing marketing world, is credible and applause-worthy. Sure, newer entrants in the field like LinkedIn Outreach and LinkedIn Sales Navigator have transformed the way sales and marketing is done today. They have become the first choice when it comes to any process related to B2B Sales or Marketing. Yet, withstanding this all, emails have held their own.

The need for constructive email writing in Email Marketing

Having said the above, let’s not forget that consumers have not yet and, in all likelihood, will never warm up to cold emailing.,from%20transactional%20and%20warm%20emailing.) Cold emails have the highest probability to end up in spam or getting ignored by the recipient. Reason being - too generic, irrelevant and unsolicited.

Badly written emails are a big turn off - disorganized content, unclear and incomplete information, inarticulate and impersonal emails ensure that they get lost somewhere in the recipient’s inbox. Bear in mind that this recipient could be a potential lead, who is now missed due to an unattractive email.

An email that has the ability to pique audience interest, appeal to their emotion and cater to their requirements, is the one that gets noticed by them. Which is why it is extremely important to see to it that emails are,

  • Well-written
  • Creative
  • Personalized
  • Compelling and
  • Convincing

That brings us to the main objective of this blog. In this blog, we’ll learn some tips and techniques to write an effective email that will not only attract more prospects and leads, but will amplify your chances of converting them into potential customers.

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Tips to write an effective email in Email Marketing

zebrista tips to write effective emails in b2b sales

  • Create a crisp and powerful subject line

Well-begun is half done. If you do a good job in creating that first impression with a strong subject line, then half your battle is won. It is important that your email subject line exhibits clarity and is relevant to your product/service. Remember, no matter how much ever your email content is attention worthy, if your subject line is too vague and doesn’t excite the prospect and compels him/her to open the email; you’ve lost a precious customer.

While catchy and funny subject lines do the magic, clarity and relevance always surpass catchiness. So your priority should always be having a clear subject line first and then something catchy, in that order. A crisp subject line should have the power to convince the recipient to open the email.

  • Write clear and concise content

So your subject line was interesting enough for the prospect to open your email. But your email content doesn’t align itself with the subject line - Phew! There goes your CTR for a toss. In simple words, a high email open rate doesn’t promise higher Click-Through-Rates. Why because your email content was totally different from what the subject line promised.

After the subject line, your audience is now looking at your email body. The subject line and email message should be in sync with each other. Just as much as the subject line excites your recipient, so should the email message. Be honest, clear and to-the-point as much as possible. State significant facts, describe your product/service/offer succinctly and stick to the purpose. Do NOT discourage your recipient by giving unnecessary, unwanted and irrelevant information.

  • Give brief but relevant information

Lengthy emails are a big no-no ! It diminishes people’s interest as nobody is going to read every single word of your email. Do NOT waste time in describing the background and life story of your company. People are only curious to know what you offer and whether or not it benefits them.

Instead of writing down the entire history, mention important points in brief that will help recipients easily understand what the email is about and if or not they want to take any action. Get right down to the purpose of the email, introduce the concept, summarize essential details and include a CTA (more on this below) then and there.

  • Include personalization

Perhaps this is one of the most important aspects of writing an effective email. A personalized email has the ability to convert prospects into leads, leads into customers, customers into repeat customers. Ads and offers based on a prospect’s sales activities, personal recommendations based on their interest are more likely to capture their attention.

You can create personalized and customized email templates using audience segmentation. With segmented audiences, you understand the different needs, interests and requirements of the various prospects with the help of which you can design personalized emails. It has been observed and statistically proven that emails that are targeted to a select audience based on segmentation have higher CTR and have higher rates of conversion.

  • Prioritize benefits over features

The audience is not concerned with how your product works or how it is different from your competitors or what is unique about it? What they care about is how it alleviates their pain areas. Sure, your product may cost less than your competitors and can have additional features, but if it does not solve the user’s problem, doesn’t benefit them in any way or provide a value add to their existing system, then sorry to say that your product has lost its charm!

Make sure your email explains how your service will be beneficial to your audience. Tell them what value your service provides to them. Talk about how your product is effective in reducing their pain points. When your email speaks about benefits to your customers more than the features of your product, you will automatically see a surge in your CTR.

  • Include Call-To-Action (CTA)

That brings us to the last but very important point - that of including a Call-to-Action (CTA) in your email. Once your prospect has understood the nature of your email and has made up his/her mind to approach you for further information, he/she should be easily able to do so. Therefore, a quickly identifiable CTA on your email that leads the prospect to take next level action is a must in the email body.

A few points to be considered while designing a CTA is that it should be noticeable, highlighted, something that stands out from the rest of the email message. A CTA can be anything like,

  • A Submit button,
  • An image that, on click, leads to a page on your website that helps your audience reach out to you
  • A hyperlinked or bolded text like contact number or email address etc

Whatever it may be, the important thing is that it should be distinct, obvious and action oriented.

Effective email writing in B2B Sales - Conclusion

Email Marketing has been a part of the Sales and Marketing arena for the longest time. Even today, email campaigns are one of the most successful marketing strategies with a high RoI. Therefore, it is imperative that the most important part of email marketing i.e. email writing is performed with utmost precision and efficiency.

Email Marketing is now also a part of B2B Sales Automation systems - where every aspect of marketing and sales like prospecting, contact discovery, validation, email marketing, lead generation, appointment generation etc is automated with the help of sales automation softwares.

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