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LinkedIn Sales Insights - LinkedIn's powerful tool for smarter Sales planning

LinkedIn Sales Insights - LinkedIn's powerful tool for smarter Sales planning

Don’t we all agree to the fact that when it comes to connecting with relevant and potential customers in a B2B Sales cycle, there is no better platform than LinkedIn? With its vast networking platform and an ever-growing number of users, LinkedIn is the first choice of any business that is looking for genuine and permanent customers.

To facilitate businesses to easily reach and connect with their customers, LinkedIn has, in the past, provided several sales management tools like Linkedin Outreach and LinkedIn Sales Navigator that help sales teams and professionals conduct better prospecting and generate qualified leads that eventually convert into the best customer relationships.

On similar lines, a few years ago, LinkedIn rolled out the LinkedIn Sales Insights analytics tool that aids Sales teams and organizations in smart and strategic sales planning. In this blog, let us get to know more about this tool, what are its benefits and the likes.

What is LinkedIn Sales Insights?

  • LinkedIn Sales Insights is a data enrichment and analytics platform created by LinkedIn for Sales teams, that provides access to reliable and trustworthy data for smarter sales planning.
  • The main focus of LinkedIn Sales Insights is “enriched data”. It generates a clearer picture of consumer data used by Sales teams; thus increasing the probability of converting potential leads and prospects into customers.
  • LinkedIn Sales Insights helps Sales professionals plan a more efficient and effective sales strategy with better data at their disposal. This not only promises relevant customers but also accelerates the entire sales process with ample time remaining to focus on other productive tasks.
  • Due to LinkedIn Sales Insights’ clear and well-defined data, Sales teams can prioritize their accounts, channelize their attention towards niche and important customers, perform analysis and reporting of customer data etc.

Learn more about the LinkedIn Sales Insights dashboard/interface in this blog.

Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Insights

  • A raw and unstructured dataset that is extracted from different sources from the web is absolutely of no use to companies. For any business to have an upper hand over their competitors by connecting with a segmented and targeted audience, it is extremely important that they have access to quality data that is clean, reliable and comprehensible. LinkedIn Sales Insights is particularly designed to display enhanced and enriched data from LinkedIn that can be used by Sales teams in an effective manner in their sales planning.
  • LinkedIn Sales Insights makes data visible at a granular level so that Sales professionals and their teams can understand their target audience better and in depth so that the strategies they plan for the customers resonate with them thoroughly. The tool enables Sales teams to identify their potential customers based on multiple parameters be it demographics, geographic locations, company domain, company size, job roles etc. With LinkedIn Sales Insights, it is possible to create buyer personas based on the above filters to identify ideal prospects.
  • LinkedIn Sales Insights also provides you the facility to easily integrate already existing CRMs within your organization. Importing and exporting your user accounts is a simple task using this tool. Sales Representatives can carry out a detailed and thorough analysis of their accounts and can come up with informed recommendations and decisions based on the reports created by LinkedIn Sales Insights.

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Note : As of today, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are the only two CRMs that LinkedIn Sales Insights can be integrated into.

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Using LinkedIn Sales Insights with Zebrista

  • A sales acceleration tool, Zebrista, is a Sales automation tool that automates your entire sales cycle by implementing prospecting automation, contact discovery, validation, lead generation, email marketing, appointment generation, linkedin outreach, outbound marketing and much more.
  • It identifies and extracts your target audience from 25+ sources, LinkedIn being one of them. It uses the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool and its filters for this process.
  • After identifying the correct audience, data of prospective clients like their contact information and email addresses is collected, validated and is prepared for the following data enrichment processes.
  • LinkedIn Sales Insights enriches and analyzes this information and provides quality, enriched data for the Sales teams for smarter sales planning.
  • Once data is ready to use, scheduled and targeted email campaigns are executed to approach clients and appointments are generated.
  • Not only does Zebrista help companies build their own workflows depending on their criteria while searching the target audience but also provides a library of already existing workflows which companies can use, some examples of which are targeting recently funded companies, targeting actively hiring companies, etc.
  • Zebrista doesn’t stop here, It does a whole lot of things - Connect with us now to see Zebrista in action and to ACCELERATE your SALES cycle.